Things That You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog

June 06, 2018

 Blogging has given us freedom to express our thoughts it is a way of relieving or freeing our minds from our conventional way of life.

For many, starting a blog is too costly and can be a headache in maintaining it. Which is definitely true! We don’t want you to experience the same thing as a noob mistake do.

In this step-by-step guide in starting a WordPress blog, we will carefully walk you through from start to finish. The very first thing that we would like to do is to provide you a general knowledge about the whole process. We recommend that you read the whole content before you jump into implementing the process.

At this point, we wanted to help you setup your own blog with WordPress out of our years of experience. We will explain further as why we recommend using WordPress on your blog in the later part of this article.


Before we get our hands dirty. First off we want you to give yourself some time to think as to what type of blog you wish to get running. Whether it is a personal blog, a travel blog, health blog, food blog and several other niches that may fits your interests.

But for most people do. They usually pick personal blog or a general blog. The good thing about these niches is that you are not limited to writing on a single topic you have a freedom to write anything you like.

So, if you are so unsure which niche to pick such as (ei: travel blog, health blog, food blog) then don’t head over yet, as this is mostly the common reason for some bloggers getting locked up in a short period of time.

What we are trying to point out is. If you choose travel blog niche then make sure that you’re always travelling at least once a year or even more for a longer period of time to feed your blog with contents otherwise it will end up nothing that doesn’t make sense at all.

Choosing a good blog name

Choosing a good domain name or a blog name also plays an important role when creating a blog or a website. We understand that this could be a little tricky as it took us about a week or two before we came up with a ( Your may want to read on our about page on how we started nifty goodies ) Our advice is don’t rush yourself in getting a domain name.

Pick a good blog name that matches your niche or topics something that is meaningful and easy to remember.

Refrain from getting a 3 to 4 word domain name as it may be a little bit harder to remember from your audience.

Always check your spelling when registering a domain name before you hit the checkout button.

The reason behind why you should always check the spelling it is because once you registered one, there could have been no reverse registration to correct your misspelled domain or if in case you’ve changed your mind and pick another name.

Don’t get too excited. Until you read the next paragraph.

Engage With Social Media Accounts

Social media is a Prerequisite to every website nowadays, everybody is adopting it. There are plenty of social media websites to choose from but we wanted to make sure that you pick the most popular one such as twitterfacebookinstagramlinkedinGoogle+ and Pinterest. We highly recommend these social media websites based on our experience as it is known to be a traffic boosters.

So, now considering you already have a domain name in mind what we do now is to create the above mentioned social media account that matches exactly with your domain name. Why we really need to do this? Because we wanted to dominate or stand out your domain name as your brand name across these social medias. Remember, social media are a great traffic boosters for your blog.

In our case we have registered where we also registered an account on twitter with a username @niftygoodiesph. We think that it is very clear to you now what we are trying to address here by dominating or standing out your domain name as a brand name.

Create a Separate Email Address

Just a little piece of advice you may want to create a separate gmail account to incorporate all social media accounts and other blog related account registration aside from your personal email address.

Why Use WordPress

Now let us head over and take a little discussion why we choose WordPress as our blogging platform.

There are two different types of WordPress namely the and the both were free with the same functionalities. Now, we do not want to cover everything the differences between the two. But we’ll go ahead straight with as our recommendation.

If you want to get more information about platform then you can always do that by searching on Google.

Some features that you’ll get to enjoy with

– WordPress CMS provides high quality of support.

– Still the number one (1) Content Management System commonly used by bloggers and corporate institution.

– It is free of download, it comes in handy, easy to use and you can always find a lot of resources across the web, from themes to plugins, a third party scripts that you wish to integrated into your WordPress blog.

– Provides user the option to optimize their respective website for search engine such as Google with a little help of a third party plugin called Yoast SEO to fully optimize your blog.

You can do most likely anything with WordPress that you don’t have to be a web developer to enjoy this Open Source project. (Open Source simply means FREE).

For the moment we would like to thank you for getting this far reading with our step-by-step guide.

Choosing the right web hosting service for your blog

Getting a good web hosting is something that we cannot guarantee to you. Almost any other web hosting provider may have similar issues aside from having a great support and a great price deal. Well, there are several web hosting provider offering as much as $2.00 per month on a shared hosting service.

What we aim here is that we wanted to guide you without having the same mistake as we did before. We’ve already tried a lot of a web hosting service provider from past and none of those works so well for us.

Our very own recommendation is to get your WordPress blog hosted with Namecheap shared hosting.

Creating your Paypal account

Since, we get to buy our domain name and avail a web hosting service from namecheap. We suggest that you create your own Paypal account other than using your credit card directly to namecheap or any other purchases you’ve made on the web.

Just to warn you that we do not suggest using your credit card information when purchasing stuffs online. What you can do is to create a Paypal account and integrate your credit card with paypal for security purposes only.

If you have carefully followed our suggestions here. You may have a better view by now before we jump in with the application.

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