How To Change Permalinks in your Exported WordPress Database

February 06, 2019

 A basic guide in changing permalinks structure in your WordPress Database without breaking your website during migration.

This article is a prerequisite from our previous content – a step-by-step guide in Migrating WordPress Website To Your Web hosting Provider.

Alright the process is very simple and we have decided to separate this article from Migrating WordPress Website To Your Web hosting Provider to avoid confusion.

Basically, as a requirement we need you to download Notepad++ text editor from their official website and install it on your machine.

We assumed that you have already downloaded your database file from PhpMyadmin either from your localhost or from your web server. If you are not familiar with you may read our previous article Migrating WordPress Website To Your Web hosting Provider.

Step 1

Open your database backup file (.sql) file to be specific using notepad++ text editor that you have recently installed.

– Single click your database file
– Right click on it while it is selected
– Choose Notepad++

Select notepad++

Step 2

Now that you have opened your database with the text editor its time for us to search for the URL that you wanted to change.

– Press CTRL + F in your keyboard that will open a new dialog box in your screen (this command does the search operation).
– Click on the Replace tab.
– Close the dialog box.
– Press CTRL + S to save.

Search and Replace
Changing localhost URL to your domain name

Alright, allow us to explain some stuff as illustrated on the screenshot. In the example above obviously the the database file is coming from the localhost and we wanted to use the same database file into our web server using a domain name that we bought.

So, if ever you are about to install the database from your web server to your localhost machine. All you have to do is to revert the method shown above.

Easy peasy process We hope that you have learned something new today. If you have come to read the articles linked above. We assure you that you can now do backup and restore with your WordPress website.

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