A Brief Timeline of What We Have Done For This Month

May 07, 2018

 Today we are about to share A brief timeline of what we have done for this Month. Highlighting our Free WordPress Theme, Google Adsense Application and some special project that we have.


In our later post, we’ve talked about the development of our very own minimalist WordPress theme which is made for public use under GNU General Public License, which simply means FREE. The GPL (General Public License) guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. Our theme is now downloadable on WordPress Theme Repository.  In addition, if you need more information about our theme, head on to our theme page.

Furthermore, we will also wanted to share our other nifty experience. While it took us about a month and half for the development of our theme (4 weeks development time, days of waiting for the queue for theme review from WordPress Theme Review team, another days spent on correcting comments made from the reviewer) and a lot more days of waiting until your theme is partially approved another wait for final review.


While waiting for the queue. We also applied for a Google Adsense account for the first time and basically it was not approved 3 times in a row for not complying Google Adsense policies, but not until during our fourth (4th) attempt.

Google Adsense Welcome Message

The most interesting part is that we earned our first dollar in Google adsense after the release of our theme. Not that big though but its a good start.

Our First Google Adsense Earning


Meanwhile, another opportunity came in. A special WordPress theme project from a friend who’s aiming to have a simple blog for his Logo Monster Graphic Design business which took us not more than two weeks crafting its desired layout such as the one below.

Logo Monster Special Project

It was such a great opportunity working  with LOGO MONSTER.  We love what we do! it was truly our passion that keeps us going and dare to do our thing. We look forward for more opportunities to come.


We think that we have done so much for this month and we are satisfied of what we’ve earned. Despite from all the tasks that we ought to do. We always cope up writing some articles for our blog. We will most probably spend more time now on writing in the coming days. Thank you for reading our nifty experience. We will writing more articles in the coming days.

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