How is it Like to be a Blogger and the Benefits of Blogging

January 15, 2018

 Blogging can be so fun and cool when you get to own a website, freely write your stories, photos and everything you can share and interact with the people of your interests.

How is it Like to be a Blogger

The question is, How is it like to be a blogger? It is never been so easy of becoming a blogger. We have to consider a lot of things before you engage.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a straight forward tips and an overview in general rather than to write a step-by-step instructions on “how to setup your blog from scratch” which I think it doesn’t help anyone out reading all the instructions considering that this article is intended for a non techy or newbie who wishes to setup a blog.

Things to consider before setting up a blog

Before you decide to start up your own blog, You have to think over and over again on what to blog. You yourself can decide which niche you are up to. That really depends on your interests. If you like fashion then go for a fashion blogging and etc.

If you are not so sure on what to blog then it is much better to have a general blog where you can freely write on several topics other than blogging on a single topic. By this, you will to save more time on thinking on what to write. So, blog something on what you see around, your opinions, commentaries and your experiences, this makes your blogging a lot more easier.

Writing an article

Well, for me this is the crucial part of being a blogger. I tell you honestly, I will have to spend 2 to 3 hours of writing a single blog update, this includes the construction of my sentences, checking for the misspelled words, editing the graphics and proof reading my story line. Time consuming huh? I am not really that good in writing but I am doing my best to develop and enhance my writing skills through blogging.

Don’t stop yourself from doing it. Give it a go, just write, read and speak out. You’ll get to learn it as you go along the way.

Getting a Blog

There are lots of blogging platforms to choose from. You choose from Blogger to WordPress both service are just some of the famous platforms that I personally suggest if you want to own a blog for free.

Free blogging service doesn’t always mean its FREE. its free in the sense that you are limited and will not be able to use such advance functionalities and services unless you pay for it.

If you really think you are serious have the passion about blogging or keeping a blog as your hobby, diary or an online portfolio. You will have to spend some money to it.

Free and Paid services really matters in a way you have a full control over your blog from modification of your website theme additionally you’ll get to enjoy to use some of the free plugins and scripts adding more functionalities to your website.

Domain Name

The first thing that you need to invest is the domain name you can choose and buy your domain in several domain registrars out there but I got mine with Namecheap. Again, its not easy to choose a domain name as you cannot revert it once you bought it. You have to be careful in naming your website. Make it more meaningful and if you ran out of idea then you can buy a domain with your name. hence, check the spelling once you are about to purchase your domain as this is a common mistake that will most likely happen out of excitement. The domain itself will cost you more or less 12 USD annually.


A lot more claiming to be a number 1 Web Hosting company on the internet. I never tried them all but with my years of experience with Namecheap Webhosting service, I never had any major problem with their service. I understand that there were some whom who had a bad experience with the company. There is no such perfect Web Hosting provider I guess, not unless you are willing to pay for a higher price. The Web Hosting alone will cost you about $9.88 USD per year.

The Benefits of Blogging

There are several benefits that you can get out of blogging. I’ve already mentioned one above (Gain Exposure, Establish Yourself as an Expert on your Field, Build a Network) these are just a few of the benefits you can get. You can always search on Google about it. Remember, sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business.

Alright, I know that this sounds pretty tough to you but don’t worry, I will be more glad to entertain any help at no cost with the setup if you are willing to start blogging. But don’t forget to read Things that you need to know before starting a blog. You got it right! it’s FREE of Charge. If you bother yourself to ask why am I giving out a FREE advice and services such these… is it because, Seeing you blogging with a smile is the price that I can get.

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