A Brief Introduction to our Hotspot Networking Series

April 26, 2022


Hi there! Welcome to our internet sharing documentation series. We are glad that you came across to our website in search for transforming your personal fiber internet connection into a small scale hotspot business. 

We will be demonstrating our personal setup provided with a detailed visual representation so that you can easily follow along. We share what works for us based on our experience. 


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During the Covid-19 pandemic the demand for broadband internet connection has soared high. As the mobility restriction are enforced to contain the virus. Surely, a lot of people would agree that we live in a strange times. All means of living are greatly affected. 

Opportunity does not come everyday, recognize and seize them every chance you get. An idea about internet sharing came through. Thinking that the idea could help us and students with their online learning program and most especially for those who are engaged in a work from home setup.


The idea is already there, but since we are on a tight budget, buying a ready made system (coin operated wifi vending machine) was never been our first choice. The least option for us is to build the system on our own is more of a daunting task.

Thinking twice, why automate it if we can do it manually just to make our ideas come to life and do the automation later since it requires more time, money and effort to achieve it. 


Our mission is to help students with their online learning program and for those who are engaged in a work from home setup by sharing them a fiber internet connection.

Topic Outline:

I. Creating Hotspot Server with Mikrotik Router

i. Wiring your devices
ii. Installing WinBox
iii. Connecting to Mikrotik with Winbox
iv. Resetting Mikrotik Router
v. Creating bridge for Hotspot and Lan
vi. Designating interfaces to Bridge Lan or Bridge Hotspot
vii. Quickset
viii. Network Troubleshooting

II. How to Create PPPoE Server in Mikrotik Router

i. Creating PPPoE IP Pool
ii. Frequently Asked Question

iii. Creating PPPoE Profiles
a. Creating Profile Limits

iv. Creating PPPoE Server

III. How to Connect Router in PPPoE Server

i. Introduction

ii. Tenda Router Admin Dashboard Login

iii. Tenda Router Administration Tab

a. Login Password
b. Lan Parameters  

iv. Limiting the number of users from accessing the internet

a. Start IP and End IP
b. Remote Management 
c. Timezone 

v. Wireless Repeating Tab

vi. Internet Settings Tab

IV. How To Create Point-to-Point Bridge Connection

i. Introduction
ii. Connection Diagram
iii. Power up your CPE Comfast CF-E314N
iv. Accessing your CPE Comfast CF-314N dashboard
v. Configuring your CPE CF-314N in bridge mode


1. RJ45 - A registered jack (RJ) is a standardized physical network interface commonly used for connecting computers onto Ethernet-based local area networks or LAN
2. LAN - Local Area Network
3. PPPoE - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is a network protocol for encapsulating Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) frames inside Ethernet frames.
4. ISP - Internet Service Provider is an organization that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet
5. Access Point - A wireless access point (WAP), or more generally just access point (AP), is a networking hardware device that allows other Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network
6. Router -  A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks
7. FTP Cable - is a cable containing multiple pairs of copper wire enclosed in a sheath of aluminum foil
8. Hotspot - is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access, typically using Wi-Fi technology, via a wireless local-area network (WLAN) using a router connected to an Internet service provider.
9. SSID - stands for Service Set Identifier and is your network's name
10. CPE - Customer Premises Equipment. refers to any piece of connected equipment that is used for accessing the Internet or generally accessing services on a provider network, whether directly or indirectly connected to that network



1. Mikrotik Router (HEX RB750Gr3)

2. Outdoor FTP cable

3. Outdoor Access Point Antenna ( Comfast CF-EW73, Comfast CF-EW74, Comfast CF-EW75 )

4. Internet Connection ( Fiber Connection )

5. Router (Tenda Wireless N300 or Tenda F6 Router that supports PPPoE mode)

6. RJ45 Crimping Tool

7. RJ45 (A few too many)

8. Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cable (2 meters)

9. router switch (Optional)

That's a whole lot of investment! The requirements above does not include coin operated hotspot vending machine. The setup alone is only for PPPoE connection. 

Imagine that you are acting as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your area and your neighbors are your subscriber. So, you provide them a router that connects to your Outdoor Access Point Antenna to gain access to your fiber internet connection using a username and a password. 

Now you have all the materials needed in this project. Next, is to plan carefully as to where you wanted install your outdoor access point antenna. 

Important Tips when installing your outdoor access point antenna 

For Hotspot Service - Do not place your antenna too high. Place it 10 to 12 feet from the ground.

For PPPoE Service - You should place it 4 to 5 feet from your roof.  

Place it where it is accessible to the users. It should face towards your targeted clients. If it does not work for you, then it is time to have a trial and error to serve your wifi signal better. 

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