How to Connect Router in PPPoE Server

April 28, 2022

In our previous blog post How to Create PPPoE Server in Mikrotik Router we've mentioned that a PPPoE Server comes with a username and a password use to serve its clients who wish to connect to the internet provided by our server. There can be several ways to explain this but this is how we do it that works well in an actual environment 50 meters away from the server.

In this method, we are about to connect to our PPPoE server remotely using a client router on PPPoE mode via our hotspot outdoor access point antenna. 

We know that you have several question in your mind right now and there are several ways to fulfill you needs don't worry we will cover those in the next series of our tutorial. For now lets focus on our topic.

Topic Outline:

1. Introduction
2. Tenda Router Admin Dashboard Login
3. Tenda Router Administration Tab
  • Login Password
  • Lan Parameters  
4. Limiting the number of users from accessing the internet
  • Start IP and End IP
  • Remote Management 
  • Timezone 
5. Wireless Repeating Tab
6. Internet Settings Tab

Network Demo


1. Plugin your Tenda Router

2. Connect to your Tenda Router Wifi

3. Open Browser and type

4. Enter default administrator username and password (username: admin | password: admin)

8. Click Login

Administrator Dashboard


B-1. Login Password

This section is self explanatory. Make a secure password and do not share this to others.

1. Change Password

2. New Password

3. Repeat New Password

Login Password

B-2. Lan Parameters

1. LAN IP -

2. Subnet Mask -

3. DHCP Server - Keep this enabled

4. Start IP -

5. End IP -

6. Preferred DNS Server -

7. Alternative DNS Server -


START IP and END IP: In the above settings, notice the START IP and the END IP is from - 

100 - 110 which basically means that the router can allocate 10 IP addresses. In other words, there can only be 10 devices that can connect to this router. If you are going to limit as to how many devices that can connect to this router then change these figures to - 

If the client exceeds within the IP address that you have allocated to connect to your wifi network, tendency is that the 5th (fifth) user who wishes to connect cannot avail an IP address. It gives them an error such as FAILED TO OBTAIN IP ADDRESS. or someone that is being connected to the internet is kicked out from the server.

Lan Parameters


1. Remote Management - Enable this option

2. Allow Internet User(s) - Choose the default option (Anyone)

3. Port NO. - Leave its default option (8080) if you wishes to change the port number make sure that you can remember your changes. We can use this option by accessing your client router remotely. Our suggestion is leave its default settings.

Remote Web Management


1. Timezone - Select Beijing, Hong Kong


1. WISP - Select WISP option (Wireless Internet Service Provider)
2. Select WIFI Network - Scan and select your hotspot access point SSID that is connected to your Mikrotik Router. Check its signal strength. 

In the visual representation below. We have three (3) access point available namely WIFI 2 and WIFI 3 and WIFI 6. We are choosing WIFI 2 where the client router (your tenda router) is getting a strong signal. Disregard all other WIFI name from the list as it not owned by us.

3. Click OK

Wireless Repeating

1. Connection Type - Choose PPPoE
2. User Name - Enter the user name that you have created on your Mikrotik PPP Secrets.
3. Password - Enter the password that you have created on your Mikrotik PPP Secrets.
4. Connect - Click the connect button.

If you have followed the whole process without any problems. Then you should see in the connection status something like You can surf the internet.

Internet Settings

Congratulations! you have successfully configured your first PPPoE client router. Do the same process on your next clients.

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