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About – Nifty Goodies

Thank you for dropping by to find out more about Nifty Goodies. We are Dan and Melissa, An enthusiastic and passionate nifty couple who is behind with this blog that loves to share their nifty experiences, stuffs and ideas.

We went in a separate ways making a living for more than 3 years, fighting out long distance relationship. We both never enjoyed together as a couple but we are more than happy to communicate each day and night. We’ve strived hard to fight loneliness but not until this year. We now both excited to see one another very soon.

As much as we wanted to have freedom from conventional way of life. We wanted to resort a new way of lifestyle out of our free time sharing stories of the things we see in this world that is worth to be shared.

How we started Nifty Goodies

Writing has never been our profession neither we don’t have any experience with journalism. For some reason we are truly inspired by several successful bloggers stories and tips that they’ve provided.

While both of us have one in common which is “writing” and Dan himself is passionate about web development and several other web technologies. He is a web enthusiast.

On the other hand. Melissa is a great fan of some popular video bloggers on the web and she also dreamed of having her own video as if she was a video blogger.

Moreover, we have a greater advantage to manage our own blog. We take this advantage with a positive mind, trying to incorporate our passion, ideas and some of the tips we have learned from the bloggers into reality. Nevertheless, as what we have mentioned! for us to resort a new way of lifestyle is always been our goal.

Why Nifty Goodies

The idea behind nifty goodies is to create a blog that is maintainable so we are not limited to writing on just a single topic. We wanted to blog about anything else. wherever we are and whenever we find it good to write with. So, we choose the word nifty by definition particularly good, fashionable and stylish while Goodies is a plural form of a noun Goody by definition which means something attractive, desirable, something tasty or pleasant to eat.

Last Few Words

We wanted to inspire you as much as how they inspired us. So, if you wish to start your own blog, don’t be afraid! Just head over and read our straight-forward guidelines on How to start a blog on wordpress tutorial for free.

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