Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started With WordPress

We have mentioned a few things in our previous article Things that you need to know before starting a blog. Today, we’ll talk about the things you need to know before getting started with WordPress.

We are way to excited to help you setup your own WordPress blog and take you to its famous 5 minute installation. Don’t worry we’ll get there very soon. If you haven’t read our previous article Things that you need to know before starting a blog, go on have some time to read it. It is a prerequisite to this topic which typically aimed for beginners.

If you have an advance skill or an intermediate user, head on directly to you’ll surely find a lot more interesting stuffs.


We will lists just a few things that you need to have and we will explain it one-by-one in details:

Web Server

The most common web server software on the internet that is compatible with WordPress is called Apache HTTP Server, which is frequently used in conjunction with php and other scripting programming languages. There are several types of web server such as Internet information server (IIS), Lighttpd, Sun Java System Web Server and Jigsaw Server.

Don’t be confused with all these technical terms. When you come to get a web hosting plan, you can always ask your web hosting vendor of your choice if it supports WordPress. In addition, most shared web hosting plan supports WordPress such as namecheap as our preferred web hosting service.

Moreover, If you still haven’t availed a web hosting plan yet, continue reading this article we’ll introduce you to XAMPP.

Text Editor

There several text editor that we can choose from but not the one that is bundled with windows. We highly recommend downloading any of the 3 ( visual studio code, notepad++ or atomits free of charge. So, forget about having dreamweaver.

We will be using this and it will be your best friend coding any of your web files. We want you to become comfortable using your choice of text editor and be familiar with its functionalities.

FTP Client

File Transfer Protocol or FTP for short it is being used to transfer your file / web files from your local computer into your web server. If you don’t have one yet, head on to Filezilla download page.

Web Browser

We don’t need to explain further about Web Browser thing, but of course we need it to download WordPress, Installing and viewing our website.

What we can suggest is that you use Google Chrome. Why use it? because of its speed, simplicity and security or privacy features in it.


Is a cross-platform simple, lightweight Apache distribution that makes it extremely easy for developers or enthusiasts to create a local web server for testing and deployment purposes. Cross-platform means, it can be installed on a MAC, LINUX and WINDOWS machine. Grab your individual copy at XAMPP official website.

There may be other web server software solution available on the internet aside from XAMPP and that we do not want to discuss it any further to keep you stay in focus while we will be using XAMPP in our next tutorial series.

Basically, you can always skip having XAMPP on your local machine if you already have a web hosting service and that you really know what you are doing but if not, we can always create our website using xampp and later transfer it into our live web server.

It is always a good practice to start developing your website in your local server for testing and deployment purposes before making any changes to your website live version. We do that every now and then just to make sure everything works perfectly.

We have provided you some of the tools we need to get started with WordPress and we look forward that you are using the same tools as per our recommendation so that we will on the same page during our presentation such as screenshots or video maybe.

Do you have any suggestions or questions in mind? drop us your comments. Else, bookmark our website for our next tutorial series.