Grabbing The Time Opportunity To Do Our Personal Stuffs

Grabbing The Time Opportunity To Do Our Personal Stuffs . We’re back after 8 months since our last WordPress theme update. We are kind of busy doing some personal stuffs and in spite of that We do not have any freelance project for 8 months in a row. We do have a long vacation away from WordPress.

What keeps us busy

Aside from WordPress we love to do some other personal stuffs in which we think its the perfect time to do it. Grabbing the opportunity without having any commitment from our beloved friends whom who have trusted us with their WordPress websites. “Thank you very much for the opportunity that you have shared upon us.

Watercolor Painting

Out of curiosity, Dan himself have done several watercolor paintings for the first time. He has never done any of it in the past. The only thing he knew is to do some sketches or pencil drawings in his childhood years.

He bought himself the cheapest 16 color watercolour set (Dong A Watercolour USD 1.53 ), a pair of brush and of course watercolor paper (Berkeley Watercolor Paper USD 3.24 ) well, that is good enough for a start. Yet, We are so excited to show you his very first watercolor painting ever in his life.

The Fried Chicken Experiment

Meanwhile, Dan is also busy doing his fried chicken experiment. He does his experiment in the morning while he paints in the evening.

Moving forward, He has tried different variants of methods and spices in cooking fried chicken, Aiming to have his own personal preference of how it was cooked (This means the skin textures either it was crispy, the smell and also the taste of it).

The Struggle

We all have our own struggles in life and we’ll share a bit of it. Since we started out our business we’ve faced a lot problems running the business and organizing our time table. Part of it is directing your personnel on:

  1. What to do
  2. How they do it
  3. How they will execute there task
  4. How they cope up with the customer
  5. How they market our products
  6. How they organize things
  7. The inventory

Those were the things that we’ve commonly encountered and little-by-little we’ve surpassed all those.

Patience and constant planning plays a bigger role in running a business. You can’t just give up right away. Planning ahead of time and listening to customers feedback is also an important thing. It’s a way on how you improve your business. There are a lot of things that we haven’t discuss it yet and we do not have share them all in the moment as this article is not intended for business management.

All these we’ve shared took a little while to progress and we’d like to share more about it in the coming days.

Thank you for dropping by! We would like to hear your thoughts, ideas and personal experience as well. Please do not hesitate to use our comment form below.