How We Spend Our Days Together Casting Love Aside

We went in a separate ways making a living for more than 3 years, fighting out long distance relationship

A story line mentioned in our about page. We now come to share our story on how we spend our days together during melissa’s vacation. We are both excited and a little bit nervous to see how we react and handle ourselves for the first time.

Meeting Her At The Airport

We’ve been asking ourselves about how we feel, how should we act when we meet. We talked about it way before she had her flight schedule. There is this discomfort feeling on both parties and of course the excitement is always there.

On the 14th of July 2017 past 10:00 pm. She stood at the arrival area. Immediately then I came along, hugged and kissed her for a minute without feeling any discomfort. It is like we’ve been together for so long with our relationship. ¬†We never thought of it how comfortable we are. We consider it as one unforgettable and dramatic time in our lives. In addition to that. We don’t even bother ourselves if we caught everybody’s attention, it just like nobody’s there but us. Expressing how we missed one another.

Our First Night Together

Considering that it is our first night at the same room. But before we proceed with the story just to let you know that “Nothing happens”. What happened is we haven’t sleep so well, we are so busy unpacking her luggage and besides she still needs to adjust her sleep cycle as our conversation goes along all throughout in the morning. Meanwhile Dan do already look like a zombie.

On her very first day

On her very first day. Despite of a sleepless night. Melissa decided to have her hair fixed. She is so bothered about her dry hair and she is not comfortable to it. I don’t also seem to like it.

Well, there we go went to a certain hair saloon suggested by her sister in-law (her brothers wife).

It took us a while like I waited 4 hours to get it done and ohh darn so well we paid around P6,000.00 pesos. Anyway it is way too expensive but a lot way cheaper than the price abroad.

You know ladies they’ll do everything just to make them look good. And you as a man will also have to consider like saving some for her hair and make-up or beauty care in other words.

To wrap it up. Nothing so much happened on our first day.

Feeding Program

It wasn’t even planned but later that night we’ve talk about the kids who run after us not even once but everytime we go out asking for something and will follow you all through the way not until you say a word to them.

We we’re thinking about a feeding program a pourage with a chicken meat and a softdrinks but I guess we are running out of time to do the cooking. Then we come up with an idea of giving them a ham burger from the famous burger shop and a softdrinks which fits well to our time and budget.

The good thing is it only took us a little while hustle free feeding program.

The joy and the smiles with these little kids were awesome!

A Time For Everyone

We haven’t got too much time for us yet for the first week of her vacation. She also scheduled a visit from her relatives, friends and for someone whom who wishes to greet her someone who misses her.

She even cancelled some of her appointments just to spend some time for someone whom she called as friends or family.

We spend like about a week at home to accommodate everyone.

Our Trip Together

This is the fun part! Melissa and I went on a trip round south of Cebu. It was never been planned as we are only about to visit her college friend in Argao but we were too late on our way there. Her friend is supposed to be out in the office at 5 in the afternoon so we dropped by in the most famous miraculous shrine of Simala in Sibonga right before the town of Argao.

We drove like 2 hours before 5 in the afternoon on our way to Argao to catch up with her date. Later that night they have their moments together reminiscing the days and moments that they’ve been together during their college and I had a little conversation with the husband of Melissa’s friend.

Of course it was too late to drive back home. Melissa decided to stay overnight in Argao I agreed immediately for the sake of our safety and I was way too tired also of driving the whole day.

I don’t know whats with Melissa but all of a sudden she decided to take a tour further South. Anyway we never mentioned here about the ride that we had during this trip but honestly we only got a two wheel drive motorcycle.